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Colour, texture and pattern – it’s all in Orig...

Original Style

20 May 2019

Mosaics are, and always have been, a firm favourite for adding intrigue and texture to a space and the new additions to Original Style’s mosaics collection certainly fulfil this purpose.

‘Pearl Scale’ and ‘Aqua Scale’ banish lacklustre and welcome radiance. Mimicking the popular scallop shell shape, these mosaics bring a contemporary flair to a bathroom setting and, with their iridescent finish; a spectrum of colours can be admired.

Continuing with the theme of colour, ‘Fable’ displays bright and intricate patterns which collectively encapsulates a Moroccan vibe.

For those looking to establish a more neutral scheme, ‘Medine’ features a monochrome colourway in a patchwork of geometric and floral patterns.

With Hexagons continuing to inspire interior décor; 'Porcelain Black & White Hexagon’ and ‘Burano Grey Hexagon’ are perfect for achieving an on-trend look whilst retaining classic colourways.                                       

To introduce texture into a setting, ‘Leaf Grey & Silver’ is made from brushed aluminium whilst ‘Torcello White Square’, made from recycled glass, displays a gorgeous marble effect.

Whether you’re looking to create a feature wall, statement flooring or complete wow-factor; look no further than Original Style’s mosaic collection.

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For more information about Original Style’s expanded mosaics collection, please contact

Stylish sleepers with savvy storage at Living it U...

Living It Up

20 May 2019

Recently, intelligent and unique storage solutions have been centre stage in the interior world. Living it Up have a brand new range of beds with slick storage solutions so that even the smaller interior spaces can feature grand beds and trendy statement pieces. Whether it is a grand master bedroom, a smaller apartment space or an open plan flat, it’s important to find the right storage solution and the correct design, to fit in perfectly with your interior space. Living it Up are not short of a few luxurious solutions to turn any bedroom into an inviting, stylish and smart space. 

The Emilio Bed in Lakeshore Teal would make for a bold statement piece in any bedroom. Featuring botanical designs and geometric panelling, this luxe bed would feel right at home in a contemporary space. With optional side panels that slot into the headboard, this bed is ideal for small and large spaces. For bedrooms that lack storage, this bed lifts up to offer extensive storage underneath. 

If you are on the search for a grand bed fit for royalty, opt for the Memphis Bed in Regency Blue. This luxurious bed comes in over fifty colours, meaning you can choose your dream bed to fit in with your interior space. This bed also offers space saving solutions, with its optional side panels and smart storage under the mattress.

If your space is more modern glam, the Vincent Bed in Blush Pink would be a striking statement bed in any contemporary bedroom. This bed features geometric shapes and optional side panels, making its appearance unique and classy. With its clever storage hidden under the mattress, you can store away essentials that don’t fit in your wardrobe. 

Have your guests envious of your spare room with the Alison Bed in Box in English Goldenrod. This stunning bed is the ideal investment for a guest bedroom, offering a sturdy spare bed that can also be folded away into a stylish upholstered box. Simple to use and easy on the eye, this piece of furniture would fit in a botanical bedroom and can be used for many occasions.

Emilio Bed in Lakeshore Teal: £1650.00
Memphis Bed in Regency Blue: £1600.00
Vincent Bed in Blush Pink: £1600.00
Alison Bed in a Box in English Goldenrod: £529.00

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